A Journey Shared

02: Teen Years

November 10, 2020 Naomi Hoang Season 1 Episode 2
A Journey Shared
02: Teen Years
Show Notes

This episode highlights the struggles and pressures of adhering to multiple, opposing cultures and how lapses in logic - teamed with mob mentality - condenses already difficult challenges, such as racism.


The Bottom Line:
In psychology, the Bottom Line describes the core - if not simplified - belief that is normally formed during childhood, based on their experiences and surroundings. This 'core belief' sticks with us throughout our lives, influencing our actions and decisions. If it's negative, then it can lead to unhealthy or unhelpful behaviour that further perpetuate this belief (e.g., "I'm not good enough"), thus becoming a self-fulfilling prophecy. Unless identified and challenged, negative Bottom Line(s) continue to affect one's life - for better or for worse.

This is explained clearly and with many examples by Dr. Melanie Fennell, in her book, "Overcoming Low Self-Esteem" (contains affiliate link. Proceeds go towards funding the podcast).

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